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Sooo Addictive Loving this game, I even showed it on my Website Team Android Canada.
Paul Deschamps

This is a awesome game that you want to play more and more!!!
Randy Basham

Pretty good, kind and interesting for kids too.
Alex M.

Fun & cute Just like it says. Cute characters with good gameplay and quality execution.
Ruald de Bruyn

Tons of fun. Keeps you going with lots of upgrades. Great game.
Daniel Hardesty


   ‘Doc & Dog’ is a hot update for players, who prefer top-quality games. This fascinating game has everything to become more than an ordinary time killer for you. The epic story, the inspiring music, the fantastic graphics, thrilling achievements and ratings will carry you away from daily routine.

   ‘Doc & Dog’ is a wonderful adventure, a touching story of friendship and loyalty. You might think that Doc, a real genius and profound inventor, is bound to get into trouble and his clever Dog might follow him and save him. Quite the opposite! It is Doc who comes through thick and thin to save his Dog! Try playing ‘Doc & Dog’ right now and you will love every second of it!

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