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Sooo Addictive Loving this game, I even showed it on my Website Team Android Canada.
Paul Deschamps

This is a awesome game that you want to play more and more!!!
Randy Basham

Pretty good, kind and interesting for kids too.
Alex M.

Fun & cute Just like it says. Cute characters with good gameplay and quality execution.
Ruald de Bruyn

Tons of fun. Keeps you going with lots of upgrades. Great game.
Daniel Hardesty

 You are a Mad Scientist who in a matter of seconds can invent just about anything and build it from almost nothing. Just a couple of minutes ago, you had a makeshift rocket and a strong desire to get away from an uninhabited island. Getting away was simple enough; but the problem is your best friend, the most loyal Dog in the world, got left behind.

   A regular scientist would be devastated. Even a good scientist wouldn’t know what to do in this situation. A genius would come up with a formula to avoid anything like this in the future. But a Mad Scientist is simply going to fly around the Earth and come back to the island to reunite with his canine partner. All he needs is a little bit of help...

   Around the world in ten minutes! A vast sea, high mountains, a scorched desert, treacherous ice, and a dangerous jungle -- nothing can stand between the two best friends.

   Doc & Dog has all the best features of the runner game genre - frantic gameplay, larger than life characters, an epic story, and awesome visuals.

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Ordinary People




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